High Traffic Academy is one of the premier traffic generation training programs on the Internet.

And now, version 2.0 is set to release in April 2015 by online traffic king Vick Strizheus.

Obviously, the main focus is on obtaining as much traffic to your websites as possible. However, that’s not all.

Within a few short weeks, you can learn exactly how to build and setup a winning advertising campaign to build an email list or increase your sales.

high traffic academyThese are pretty basic ideas though and they don’t really explain exactly what is in High Traffic Academy 2.

If you’ve been interested in purchasing High Traffic Academy, then here is some of the information listed in this incredible traffic generation program.

What's New in High Traffic Academy 2?

There are three main “pillars” of High Traffic Academy that Vick Strizheus wanted to focus on that will help you build quality squeeze pages and sales pages.

Remember, this isn't the kind of low quality, non-engaged traffic that will not produce anything you want in your business. There are plenty of cheap traffic sources out there that can increase your Alexa ranking if that is all you want.

But most leaders and entrepreneurs are looking for the best ways to find quality sources of engaged readers and followers.

Here are the three main pillars of HTA 2.0:

  • Business Website Development 
  • Internet Traffic Creation 
  • HTA ELITE List Control and Cultivation

HTA 2 Website Development Pillar 

The first part of the course is the website development stage. Vick Strizheus, the creator of High Traffic Academy, focuses on the fundamentals of developing capture pages or websites before obtaining traffic. 

To start gaining leads and sales, you’ll need a capture page or website. This stage will help you with all the elements you need to develop a successful landing page. Think of things like buying a domain, purchasing hosting, and how to design a high-quality capture page.

If you don’t have much experience building or designing capture pages, then this part of the course will give you access to Easy Landing Pro, which is simple point and click software that helps you create landing pages fast and easily, regardless of technical or design knowledge.

HTA 2 Traffic Creation Pillar 

The core of the training program is in the traffic creation page. This is the part of the program where you will actually learn about different traffic sources and ways to get paid traffic to your pages. 

There are eight different modules in this pillar that will show you everything you need to know. Plus, this module is setup in a “how to” section so you can follow directions step-by-step to start developing winning campaigns.

HTA 2 List Control Pillar 

The final piece of the puzzle is to cultivate your list. After all, your list is worthless if you do not know how to cultivate your list. 

Having a site that converts is a start but knowing how to actually sell from this list is potentially the most valuable section of High Traffic Academy. Vick will teach you how to turn your list into paid subscribers so that they will keep wanting more from you.

Once again, there are 8 modules in this section to show you exactly how to do this.

Is High Traffic Academy 2.0 Right For You?

As you can see, the information in High Traffic Academy is incredibly useful.

Any beginner or even intermediate marketer could benefit from the modules in High Traffic Academy Elite. Plus with the release of High Traffic Academy 2.0, you can learn how to obtain more traffic from the newest traffic sources on the Internet. It’s a win-win for you really.