AdvoCare is the name of a nutritional company who operates and functions inside the MLM health space. Their main objective is to add items such as Omega3 fatty acids, vitamins as well as cleansing products in order to make the human body function appropriately. Some people think of it as a  weight loss program while others think that it is just a way to make the body work at it's highest level.

To explain it easily, AdvoCare consists of capsules, fiber and energy drinks along with meal replacement shakes.

The Advocare 24-Day Challenge

This 24-Day Challenge is a type of outset to the program of AdvoCare. One can have the products and make use of them without performing the challenge.

According to the users, this challenge places a series of products together in 2 phases. The first is the ten day cleansing series to cleanse the bodies of pollutants and the second is known as the Max Phase designed to ramp up  metabolism.

In accordance with a review of AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge, you could lose up to 7 pounds in a week by taking the supplements regularly.

Supplements moreover help in decreasing the symptoms of health conditions. In due course weight loss may be achieved with regular use as long as you are willing to make changes to your lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle comprises the eating of healthy foods at least 6 times every day.

What Takes Places In The Two Phases Of 24 Day Challenge

• Cleanse phase

Advocare reviews show prime example of appropriate absorption of all nutrients like carbohydrates and valuable protein is necessary for preserving a healthy body. However, any cyclic lifestyle changes can create a good environment  for a fresh start.

On the first few days of the 24-Day Challenge, users will take 3 products.

Such products, in combination with healthy food and exercise, assist in ridding the body of waste and to get it ready to absorb nutrients. It is not the type of cleanse in which you radically decrease calories or drink only liquids, instead is more like the start of a healthier way of life.

• Max Phase  -

After the Cleansing Phase, is now time to go forward to the days 11 to 24. The Max Phase is all about fueling the body with the intention of achieving utmost results.

At this stage the users takes 3 products, which work together to offer sustained energy, hunger control, major nutrition and wellness. At the end of the 24-Day Challenge, the products can be taken almost every day as an element of a healthy life.

There is something in the product for everybody whether you are searching for weight management or optimal health. It is important to know that the Advocare movement has extended to MLS and continues to show its growth and strength as a company.

However, this Advocare 24 Day Challenge appears solid. Truth is without having a closer view at the products itself, in order to see how they perform and what their components are, it is not really possible to comment on how great they can work for you.